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Imagine a Life Without Glasses

See Clearly with LASIK, ZEISS SMILE, or PRK


We Have a Passion For Helping Patients See Better

When it comes to choosing a LASIK surgeon it’s about a lot more than the price.

It is about the compassion they bring to work every day, the surgical excellence they have prepared for and the experience of many successful procedures. At Corsini Laser Eye Center, you will get all of the above.

Our Doctor

Experience You Can Trust

Jonathan Corsini, MD

Jonathan Corsini, MD is a military-trained, board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in the most advanced techniques in corneal refractive surgery. He served eight years in the United States Air Force and performed thousands of refractive surgery procedures on pilots, special forces, and active-duty members of all military branches. He separated honorably at the rank of Major and is excited to be back to his birth state of Pennsylvania. Dr. Corsini’s passion for refractive surgery led to the formation of Corsini Laser Eye Center, whose mission is to provide premier, patient-centered refractive surgery to the people of greater Philadelphia and beyond.

Dr. Corsini is the area’s foremost expert in SMILE – Small Incision Lenticular Extraction – which is the latest advancement in laser eye surgery. He was the military’s most prolific SMILE surgeon at the time of his separation from active duty, with 98% of his patients achieving 20/20 vision or better. Also an expert in LASIK and PRK, Dr. Corsini will recommend the surgery best suited for each individual patient with the goal of a contact- and glasses-free life.

Dr. Corsini is co-author of several peer-reviewed publications and has presented at multiple national conferences. He has a passion for academics and mentoring, having taught surgery, optics, and wellness to residents and medical students in the military. He lives in West Chester, PA with his wife and daughter and enjoys running, writing, skiing, travel, and Philadelphia sports.

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What Service is Best for You?

LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomiluesis) is the most commonly performed laser eye surgery in the world. Over 30 million people of all backgrounds and professions – including pilots, professional athletes, and military members – enjoy contact- and glasses-free life thanks to this truly remarkable procedure. Dr. Corsini offers blade-free, custom LASIK for a premier, personalized, and pain-free experience.


SMILE, or Small Incision Lenticular Extraction, is the latest development in laser eye surgery, offering quick recovery and crystal-clear vision. SMILE leads to less dry eye and more corneal stability compared to LASIK, all without a flap. This is why some people refer to SMILE as “Flapless LASIK.” Dr. Corsini is the most experienced SMILE surgeon in the greater Philadelphia area and offers this revolutionary surgery to all who qualify.


PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is the oldest laser eye surgery still regularly performed today. Like SMILE, PRK is a flapless alternative to LASIK that leads to less dry eye and more corneal stability. Some patients (including Dr. Corsini himself!) who do not qualify for SMILE or LASIK can undergo PRK instead. PRK has a longer healing time than other surgeries, but most patients are back to work within one week.


Why Choose Us?

Military Experience
Entrusted to provide the best eye care for pilots, soldiers and military personnel. Military flew in from all over the world to have eye surgery with Dr. Corsini.
Advanced Technology with ZEISS SMILE
The region’s most experienced ZEISS SMILE provider.
Highly Personalized Experience
Dr. Corsini takes the time to discover what vision correction procedure is best for each patient and meticulously prepares for every surgery.

Better Outcomes

Better Quality of Life

Why is LASIK an Excellent Choice for Vision Correction

Over 30 Million LASIK procedures have been performed since its inception in 1996!

Things to Consider Before Vision Correction

We are pleased that you are considering us for your Philadelphia area LASIK or vision correction experience. We would like to invite you to schedule a complimentary LASIK screening to determine if LASIK or another vision correction procedure could correct your vision. Below are several items to think about prior to any vision correction procedure.


How do I find the best LASIK surgeon?


How do I determine LASIK candidacy?


How do I interpret affordability and financing options?


When can I meet a surgeon regarding vision correction options?


What is the utilization of laser vision technology?

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Getting Started

The first step towards visual freedom from contacts and glasses is to schedule a LASIK consultation with our team. At your consultation we'll evaluate your vision and you'll learn about which procedures may be the best options for you based on your degree of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Free Exam

Meet us for your free exam and receive personalized recommendations.

Custom Procedure

Have your custom procedure from one of our experienced surgeons.

Clear Vision

Experience the freedom of seeing clearly without glasses or contacts!

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